At some point in time you would have purchased a new Mac and retired an old one. Perhaps you passed it down to a friend or family member, sold it for a few dollars, or perhaps it simply stopped working. But did you deauthorize your computer, from your Apple ID prior to disposing of it? If not, this article will provide you with information on how to deauthorize both your current computer and those that you no longer own, or have access to.

Apple currently allows users to add up to five different computers to a single Apple ID. This includes Mac and Windows computers that are capable of running iTunes, but does not include iOS or iPod devices. Upon reaching this limit, you will need to deauthorize one or more computers in order for a new computer to be linked to your account thereby giving you the ability to easily manage all your purchased content along with access to Home Sharing, Automatic Downloads, and the ability to download previous purchases. This restriction is in place as an extension of DRM (Digital Rights Management) in relation to the content you purchase, or access, via the iTunes Store.

There are a few different ways that you can go about deauthorizing a computer from your account. If you still have the computer in front of you, simply launch iTunes and proceed to Store > Deauthorize This Computer from the Menu Bar.

Authorize Mac

Alternatively, proceed to the iTunes Store, within the iTunes application, and in the Quick Links bar on the right hand side select Account.

Quick Links

You can also click on your username, and select account from the iTunes Store window.

Account Info

You will then be presented with your account information.

Apple ID summary

Within the Apple ID Summary area, you will notice Computer Authorizations. You will be told how many computers are currently authorized, but you will not be able to see them as a list. It is important to note that this area offers a very different method than the one presented above. Should you click on Deauthorize All, then every computer attached to your AppleID will be removed. If you have sold your computer, and subsequently no longer have access to it, then this is the only way to successful remove the authorization. Please remember that this process can only be done once per calendar year, and if you have less than two authorized computers this option will not present itself. We therefore recommend you deauthorize whilst you still have the computer, if possible. We also recommend that before bringing the computer in for a service, or updating components such as RAM, that you deauthorize the computer. This is because a modification in hardware can register as a new Mac, which will cause you to run out of available slots that can be authorized with new computers.

Understandably, you may be concerned about proceeding with this method, but you can re-authorize the computers you still own, and have access to, by proceeding to Store > Authorize This Computer from the Menu Bar in iTunes on each computer.

Whilst you are in the accounts area, take a look at your details and update them accordingly. Ensure that your email address is current as Apple will send any vital security information, relating to your account, to your registered email address.

If you would like more information on managing your content, or your Apple ID, please drop into the store and discuss your specific situation with one of our knowledgeable team members.