To change the ringtone and notification sounds for your iOS device, you will need to proceed to Settings > Sounds.

Then look for the section titled Sounds and Vibration Patterns.

Sound Pref

You will notice the most common notification options for your device are listed. To make changes tap on the service you are interested in changing, such as Ringtone.


A list of pre-installed options will then be presented. When you select one of these options, a short sample will be played.

If you are satisfied with the sample you can exit the settings thereby activating the new tone. If you still can’t find a tone that appeals to you, you can always purchase additional ones from the iTunes Store on your device.

You may have noticed when viewing the list of tone options, that a button for the Store is located in the top right hand corner of the Settings window.


Tapping here will now allow you to sample and purchase wonderful tones from the likes of AC/DC, The Beatles, or the Star Wars universe to name a few.

The tones area is also available anytime you are in the iTunes Store on your device. Tapping on the More button (lower right hand corner) in iTunes will present you with the option to select the Tones button and therefore browse the available options.

Itunes ringtones

If you would like more information on how to customize your iOS devices, please drop into our store to discuss your specific requirements.