If you have constant access to an electrical outlet where you do not have to worry about battery life, you are golden with your MacBook Pro. However, not everyone you go will provide this convenience, so learning how to maximize your battery life can help you get maximum usage out of a single session.

Turn Down the Brightness

Although you may like gaming, watching videos, or working with complete brightness, this little feature is actually draining your battery life faster than you may think. Although the comparison is with an iPhone 4, Lifehacker states that the phone’s battery life lasts about 3.5 hours on high brightness and 6.5 hours on low brightness. This should be enough to warrant turning down your brightness to converse battery life.

Close Up Applications

If you are not using certain applications, simply close them. It is not necessary to have programs running in the background when they are not contributing to your current session, especially when they only help in regard to providing automatic updates as soon as they arrive.

Disconnect Peripherals that are Not Being Used

Hooking up a number of peripherals to your MacBook Pro should not be an issue at all when you are at home and have constant access to an electrical outlet to keep the machine charged. However, depending on how many peripherals you use on just the battery, you can cut down the battery life significantly.

Eventually, after you have had your laptop computer for a while, you will need to simply change the battery out for a new one because the old one will not be able to hold as much of a charge. Make sure to contact us when you need a battery change as we will treat your MacBook Pro with the utmost care.