iPad include multitasking gestures that help you become more productive. Let’s go over how to turn these features on and how to use them in everyday life.

iPad Air

1. Go to your Settings application on your iPad.
2. Tap General.
3. Slide Multitasking Gestures to On.

Now that you have enabled multitasking gestures, you are ready to take then for a test run. Let’s go over the following features: Pinch to Home, Swipe to Multitask and Swipe Left or Right.

Pinch to Home Screen – Using your hand, place all 5 fingers on your iPad and close your hand or pinch to a fist. This will automatically bring you to the home screen. This is much faster than constantly hitting the Home button.

Swipe up to Multitasking – Place 4 or 5 fingers on the home screen and swipe up to display your apps that are currently running. Select the applicable app. This is much faster than constantly double-clicking the Home screen.

Swipe Left or Right Between Apps – Instead of double-clicking the Home button or dragging 4 or 5 fingers up, you can take 4 or 5 fingers and swipe right or left to switch between running apps.

Memorizing these gestures will come naturally and you will see your productivity rise when using your iPad.