I have used Hubspot for a year at a cost of about $2400. After my year is up the cost will increase to roughly $6000. While hubspot is an awesome CMS platform offering a ton of training, hosted blogs etc I really don’t have the time nor the budget to comment 6K when all I’m really using is landing page and lead conversions. In comes InboundNow.  I purchased the Webmaster license at $149 a year and run all the functions I was using in Hubspot on my own site under WordPress! The best part is I feed the leads directly into my Gravity forms plugin so all my customer interaction is fed to one place. http://docs.inboundnow.com/guide/gravity-forms-integration-setup-troubleshooting/ So if you want to run landing pages, convert those leads for much less than 6K a year take a look at inbound now or drop me an Email and I’d be happy to show you the back end.

Comparison of landing pages in Hubspot vs. InboundNow


Both allow A/B pages, track stats like views vs conversions. etc.