While the trendy new touchscreen interface of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, has met with mixed reviews at best, the question has been raised at to when, if ever, will Apple release a similar product for iMac? The answer quite simply coming from the powers that be in the Cupertino based technology compound appears to be something along the lines of… “Not anytime soon.”

Apple’s newest OS X for Mac is presently being dubbed “Yosemite.” Whereas Yosemite promises to offer more of everything we love about our Macs including power, simplicity, and beauty; there doesn’t appear to be any indication of a touchscreen interface on the horizon. To be honest, it seems like that may be a pretty good thing. After all, the most positive thing most Windows 8 users have to say about their touchscreen OS is that it’s not entirely horrible once you get used to it. Not exactly glowing praise.

Seems like most Mac users may be operating under the assumption that if and when Apple does decide to delve into the idea of a touchscreen OS for iMac, they will only do so if they are sure of being able to make it a much more usable and less frustrating user experience. After all, this user-centered design is the very foundation that the company has been built on.  Until the world of touch meets the world of OS X, we’ll all just have to settle for Yosemite giving us a lighter, thinner interface contributing to a tighter overall OS X experience. Lucky for Apple users, we won’t be forced into a new OS technology that may not be quite ready for primetime just yet.

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