For a truly personal experience with any of your Mac products (including iMac, Macbook Pro, and so on) on perhaps the most personalizable OS X available to date: Mavericks. Try creating your very own shortcut keys.

Suppose, for the sake of this article, that one of your favorite Apple programs (perhaps iPhoto) gives you the ability to Revert to Original, but doesn’t give you a shortcut key to do so. Drat! You’ll have to take the journey to the menu bar for every instance you need to perform it, and let’s be honest… who has time for that?

It’s for this very reason that OS X allows you to create your own keyboard shortcut to menu commands, or even change the ones you don’t like.

Here’s how:

1. Choose System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts tab > Application Shortcuts. From here, you’ll be shown a list of application shortcuts you have created, or already exist.

2. Click the + button, and a dialog box will appear. Then, the next time you open any program you have edited, you will be able to see the new shortcut in its place.

3. Choose which program you’d like to alter. Do this by choosing it in the pop-up menu. If it is not present, choose other, navigate accordingly and select it.

4. Type in the menu command of the shortcut you want to change. Be sure to type it precisely as it appears, right down to capitalization and use of punctuation.

5. Click the keyboard shortcut box. Press which combination you’d like, like “Control-R” and so on.

6. Click Add, and the box will close. From here, scroll down to your shortcut keys list, you will be able to see your new choice under the selected programs list. It’s that easy.

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