By default each time you connect a Digital Camera, or a device capable of capturing photographs such as your iPhone, Image Capture will launch to enable you to import your photographs.

Personally, I like the Image Capture application. It is clean, quick, and I feel like I have more control over the way my photographs are imported and where they are stored. That being said, I don’t like it to automatically open.

In order to change this default opening action, connect your compatible device, launch Image Capture (if it doesn’t automatically open) and in the left hand navigation bar your connected device will be listed. Highlight your device and additional options will be shown at the bottom of the navigation bar.

image capture

If you don’t have your Digital Camera, or iOS device connected, these options will not appear. If multiple devices are connected, you can individually select and manage these additional options.

Simply click on the drop down menu option and select No Application. Upon doing this Image Capture will no longer launch when you connect your device.

Should you wish to have your device automatically open another application, such as iPhoto, you can also select that option in the drop down menu.

Additional Tip: You may notice that there is an option to Delete After Import. By default, this is not active and we believe it is in your best interest to leave it this way. Photographs are a very special commodity that can never be replaced. Please ensure you have a reliable backup before deleting any photographs from your Digital Camera or iOS Device.

Remember, you will need to make sure these changes are undertaken for each independent device you choose to use with your Mac.

If you would like more information on ways to import and manage your photo collection, please drop into our store and discuss your workflow with one of our staff members.