Telecommuting is more popular now than ever before, and chances are this trend is here to stay. Companies can save money on utilities, office supplies, janitorial services and even sick days when they allow employees to work from home.

Of course, working away from the office is only a viable solution if it is easy for employees to communicate with each other remotely. Calling in remotely to a conference call and being placed on a speaker phone just isn’t the same as meeting with someone face to face, and many online services that offer video conferencing are just not as reliable and clear as they need to be for a professional meeting.

iMeet¬†is an eloquent solution to holding meetings online, it allows everyone to auto-connect to the meeting without needing special phone numbers or passcodes. It allows up to 15 different participants and connects them through crystal clear hd video. iMeet is designed to be easy on your broadband, which means you won’t have to suffer through the dropped signals and hanging conversations that interrupt the flow of an important meeting on other, lesser video conferencing software options.

iMeet is web-based and can be used with any web browser on any kind of device, because anyone who has the link can join the call no matter where they are.

To find out how to make your online meetings work for you, and save money on unnecessary travel for face to face meetings, please contact us, we would be happy to demonstrate it for you in store.