If iMeet isn’t a priority for you now, we’re hoping that you’ll read on to find out why it should be.

Online meetings are more convenient now than ever before.  Conducting business meetings online makes sense.  It takes the expense out of travel and the hassle out of coordinating schedules over long distances.

With all of the online meeting options out there, we think iMeet is an excellent choice for some key reasons:

  • Collaborate… really Collaborate:  Some service brag about a video chat with 6 – 10 people… iMeet provides meeting space at the same time for 15 individuals across desktop, tablet and mobile phone devices. Atendees devices are automatically called when the meeting begins – no more fumbling around with phone numbers and clumsy dialing to start a meeting. Most other video conferencing solutions require some kind of meeting number – iMeet smartly jettisons this old way of doing business on the net.
  • Amazing Video Quality… Say Goodbye to Glitches:  One of the most difficult issues to resolve with other video conferencing software is the inferior video quality.  Ken Hess offers a good third party review of iMeet when he says:

There’s no choppy and weird audio/video syncing problems with iMeet. Sean’s video was absolutely smooth and flawless, just like watching a YouTube video on my desktop. This is one point that I can’t make clear enough.

  • Affordable for most budgets:  For just under $10, you can include up to 10 participants… other plans range from $30 – $45 a month.  Considering the quality and usability of this solution, it’s worth the investment.  What would it cost to get 15 people together… exceedingly more than $45 a month!
  • Mac Friendly… no extras needed!  You don’t need any extra software to make iMeet work with your Mac, iPad or iPhone.  If you have an Internet connection, you can start your video conferencing today.  Basically, all you need is two clicks and then… viola! you are in the meeting – no matter where you are located (even stuck in traffic!).

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