The 19th annual Global Mobile Awards recently concluded and announced the dethroning of last year’s winners, Google and Asus as mobile tablet champions, by naming the iPad Air from Apple as the “Best Mobile Tablet” for 2014.

“The iPad Air packs class-leading performance in an attractive and svelte frame, while its ecosystem has an undisputed advantage in the number of format-optimized apps.” (GSMA judges)

Specific features listed as reasons for being dubbed “The Best” include:

  • New, power efficient A7 chip
  • Dramatically thinner and lighter size
  • Retina display that allows web pages, text, videos, and images look sharper than ever
  • Up to 10 hour battery life

With all these features and more, it’s no wonder Apple’s latest and greatest addition to the mobile device market is an award winner. The question, as always, with Apple is how do they now continue to innovate and make that creation even better? Well, the answer may be coming to an Apple retailer near you this fall in the form of the iPad Air 2.

The original, and now award-winning, iPad Air was released in October of last year. It stands to reason that the tech giant from Cupertino will aim for a similar timeframe for the newest version of the device.

Although drastic changes to the highly usable, highly portable tablet are unlikely, there is one major innovation that Apple is rumored to be featuring in the 2nd generation iPad Air. Waterproof technology seems to be the way that Apple is leaning. This may not seem like a huge advantage, but anyone who has lost a device to the seemingly harmless waters of a bathtub, kitchen sink, or even a glass of spilled water would argue otherwise. Waterproofing such a high tech device that many of us have come to rely on could provide huge value for the consumer and huge revenue for the company.

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