From the mid 1980’s to the early 2000’s it seems electronics manufacturers were constantly trying to shrink the size of devices. We’ve all seen the parodies of elitist businessmen walking around circa 1986 with a cell phone the size of construction worker’s lunch box. Fast forward a couple decades and we saw flip phones smaller than the size of a human hand. Just slightly later on, the iPhone was unveiled and we all seemed pretty happy with its diminutive size, but immense power.

Shortly after the iPhone revolutionized the way we communicate, the iPad was introduced and it revolutionized the way we interact with media and the Internet. Following the “Honey I Shrunk my Smartphone” model popularized by the iPhone, Apple released the iPad mini and the iPad Air. Seems to make sense, right? Smaller phones should translate well to smaller tablets. Well, a funny thing happened since then… devices are now getting bigger again.

Despite what the late, great Steve Jobs once thought many years ago, people do seem to want bigger phones. Thus, the new iPhone 6 and it’s even larger sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus. So where does that leave the iPad? Rumor has it that the iPad may again being following the lead of the company’s smartphone by unveiling a new iPad sometime around mid summer of next year called the iPad Air Plus. This statement comes courtesy the popular website 9to5 based on some schematics published by a Japanese magazine called, Mac Fan.

Originally, the new iPad Air was supposed to be dubbed iPad Air Pro. However, Apple now appears ready to change that name from Pro to Plus in an effort to maintain brand consistency with its line of smartphones. The new tablet also appears to be in line to boast four speakers and an A9 processor among other things for technical advancements. The size of the device may be somewhere among that of today’s smaller notebook computers, a la the Macbook Air. One other interesting tidbit is that Apple also appears to be leaning towards eliminating the Mini series altogether at the same time. From bigger to smaller and back to bigger again, the circle of technology appears to be closing.

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