Apple is the leader when it comes to innovation. Not only are they always releasing new and improved iPads, iPhones, and Macs, but they are always releasing new accessories for their wonderful products. Let’s take a look at some real and would-be accessories that Apple released for their new iPad Pro.

The Smart Keyboard 

Apple’s Smart Keyboard is a keyboard that serves as a case and stand in addition to being just a keyboard. The Smart Keyboard connects to the iPad Pro through three connection points, effectively freeing up the iPad’s bluetooth port. The keyboard is seamless, meaning that liquid can never seep under the keys as is the case in traditional keyboards. When not in use as a keyboard, it can be used to prop up the iPad so that it will look like a laptop, which is excellent for video viewing, or it can double as a protective case for the iPad’s screen.

This is not to say that traditional keyboards cannot be used with the iPad Pro. All keyboards can be connected to the iPad via bluetooth.

An IPad Pro Kickstand?

It is interesting to note that there may have been plans to make the  iPad Pro with a foldable kickstand. In a lawsuit where Apple sued Samsung over Samsung’s design, claiming it was copied from Apple (Apple won by the way), pictures of Apple products were shown, and among them was a very large device which resembled the iPad Pro, had the Apple logo on it, and had a kickstand.

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