After much anticipation, a new line of iPads has been announced. It took a lot of people by surprise that were expecting the announcement of a new generation of iPad mini or iPad air, but Apple has always been great at keeping their product launches a secret until they are ready to reveal the big news. Apple fans love the excitement of a surprise product announcement and this time around Apple released information about several new products hitting the shelves soon.

We are particularly excited about the iPad Pro announcement. Bucking the idea that smaller is better, the iPad Pro is bigger which many would argue makes it better for watching movies, running apps and playing games. The iPad pro also has much faster processing, and the battery life will be a significant 10 hours.

The iPad Pro is specifically being marketed toward small business owners, entrepreneurs and creative professionals. It also works with a new sensitive stylus called the Apple Pencil. More screen space for drawing means that graphic designers will be able to use the iPad Pro to create, instead of using tablets specifically designed for art creation.

The screen of the iPad Pro is large enough for a full-size on-screen keyboard, but if you like the tactile appeal of pressing real keys, you can buy a keyboard case that will make typing a breeze.

For more information on the iPad Pro or any of the other products announced recently, please contact us. If you want to trade in your existing iPad for a new shiny one, we’re happy to talk to you about that too!