Much like people refer to all facial tissue as “kleenex” and all bandages as “band-aids,” Apple has won the culture war when it comes to tablets. Microsoft has tried so hard to fight back, but all their best efforts still aren’t enough to keep iPads from being the common vernacular for any tablet, anytime, anywhere.

If you watch football, you may have noticed that the coaches on the sidelines, and occasionally the players and the commentators, all have tablets they are using throughout the course of the game.  Microsoft worked out a five year deal with the NFL for their products to be used prominently, one can only assume that these product placement deals are their attempt to try to dethrone the iPad, which clearly holds the focus of pop culture.

Only all their marketing dollars may have been wasted, because despite their best efforts, the game announcers end up advertising for Apple anyway, when they mistakenly refer to the Microsoft tablets as iPads.

In A PC Magazine article entitled “NFL TV Announcers Call Microsoft’s Surface Tablets ‘iPads’,” writer David Murphy details the marketing flop.

“In other words, the NFL and Microsoft are getting fairly cozy. Someone might want to let the NFL’s announcers know that, however, as they have referred to Microsoft’s tablets as “iPads” on more than one occasion—and we’re only two weeks into the season.”

Try as they may, Microsoft will never keep people from referring to all tablets as iPads, with good reason too, because Apple continues to innovate and release iPads that people love.

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