Do you like to play arcade type games, or more intense games? Do you like to occasionally just sit and read? Do you watch teens enjoying their phones and feel left out? Wish there was something a little bigger than a phone that you could use to read email, look up things on the Internet, play games, and read?

There is! You might have seen commercials or heard about how useful the iPad is in schools and how it is great for kids. It’s great for us adults too! Apple has iPads in the larger size and the mini size. You don’t have to squint to see the print, yet it’s small enough to not feel like you are carrying around a dictionary. The iPad is like having your own personal computer, personal assistant, and video arcade at your fingertips at all times.

What are some of the popular uses for iPads – what is it reported that adults use the iPad for?

Pinterest – if you are interested in Pinterest, it is so much more accessible when you have an iPad with you.

Pandora, Tunein Radio, or iTunes – music all the time, and you can program it to play what you want, not want a radio station wants, with or without commercials.

Shopping via Amazon, etc. – shopping is so easy on the iPad, and because of the security built into Apple devices, shopping online fears are lessened.

Emergency Radio and Weather – you now have the weather at your side and no longer have to get to a computer to view the forecast.

Communicating – you can use email, messaging, FaceTime, etc. to communicate with people. You can, or chose not to, be in constant touch with people.

Intrigued? Wish you could “test drive” an iPad before buying it? Just contact us and we will help you. We would love to let you take an iPad for a “test drive” in our store today.