Every year the iPad is getting smarter, faster, and more powerful. For any student using their computer for basic school work, an iPad is a great replacement for your laptop.


No need to worry about not being able to complete a task or assignment. There is a huge variety of applications within the app store to get the job done. You can download anything from pages to type up your essays, to high quality video editing software, such as iMovie. If you aren’t sure what apps to download, the app store has a dedicated educational category to make sure you have everything you need as a student.


All students know the struggles of trying to lug their school supplies around the campus, especially if you have two classes at opposite ends. Anything to make the backpack lighter helps. The iPad is one pound lighter than the smallest MacBook Air. If you really want to cut down on the weight, the iPad is great for note taking and downloading textbooks in eBook format. The iPad would essentially be the only weight you would be carrying, except for maybe a keyboard to help speed up the typing process.


College is not cheap these days. Because many students are trying to save their pennies where they can, the cost of an iPad versus the cost of a MacBook is worth the switch. Depending on the iPad model, you can save anywhere from $100 up to $500. For a college student, that extra few hundred dollars could be your meals for the next couple of weeks or possibly a mini vacation from all the stress.


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