Our prayers have been answered for those of us iPhone users who are sick and tired of fumbling through texting on the slightly too small screens of previously released iPhones. Usually, an “i” was pressed instead of an “o” and maybe a space bar was tapped accidentally, or the “send” button was mistakenly used before the message was complete. These events of finger follies usually resulted in texts that could only be best described as Epic Fails! In fact, entire websites have been dedicated to funny mistakes from AutoCorrect gone bad and other texting guffaws. I recommend Googling them for a good laugh to start your day.

At last, here comes two handheld heroes to save us from the potential disasters the overly diminutive devices of yesterday can cause, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Here’s the breakdown for when you decide to go for a new iPhone:

  • Size Does Matter – Contrary to what the late, great Steve Jobs used to think, Apple has addressed the demand for bigger phones, making these models 4.7″ and 5.5″ respectively bigger than their predecessors.  Slimness still prevails however, as these models have lost some off their waistlines despite their increased stature.
  • Technically Speaking – Make no mistake, these phones rock! They are not just a change in screen size to compete with Samsung’s successful line of Galaxy S products. These phones are technically superior than previous versions in almost every way with faster processors, better cameras, and higher screen resolution.
  • Feature Driven – Apple didn’t stop at improved dimensions and updated electronic guts. It also added features like Wi-Fi calling, voice over LTE, and embedded a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip. Although these features may not serve much of an immediate purpose, industry experts everywhere unanimously agree that NFC is going to be a big player in America very soon. After all, it has already been hugely useful and widely accepted in Japan for almost a decade now.

So it’s not exactly like going to the orchard and deciding if you want to pick Red Delicious or Courtland, or my favorite HoneyCrisp, but personally I’d rather do my Apple Picking in the mall. Most important, fellow fat-fingered fans of technology everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have arrived.