If your new Mac has begun to slow down a bit, it may be time to shed unneeded or unwanted files and applications. CleanMyMac2 is a powerful file cleaning application by MacPaw Inc. It runs on Mac OSX 7 and later and has everything you need to discard the inevitable file bloat that amasses over time.

If you’ve come over from the dark side of Windows to buy a new Mac you will have noticed by now that you don’t need to do those annoying and time-consuming system maintenance tasks like disk defragmentation. Your Mac, however, is still vulnerable to the array of junk files, caches, logs that nevertheless tie up your system resources.

You could be on the lookout for useless folders, files and unused apps, widgets and dictionaries and manually delete them. On the other hand, you’ll probably prefer the convenience and efficiency of CleanMyMac2.

Key features:

  • Automatic Cleanup – Start the program and begin an automatic scan. Sit back while the program suggests the files you can remove with 100 percent safety.
  • System Cleanup – Select this option to remove system caches, logs and unused language files.
  • Large and Old Files – Remove large files and folders that you haven’t opened for some time.
  • iPhoto Cleanup – If you have a large iPhoto library you have space-hogging copies of unneeded original photos that you have cropped or edited in some way. This feature can free up many megabytes of space.
  • Trash Cleanup – Use the uninstaller to empty all your trash, including the trash files in your iPhoto Library and any external drives.
  • Uninstaller – Use this feature to inventory all your installed applications and quickly remove those you no longer need.
  • Eraser – Erase unwanted files or folders quickly without leaving a trace.
  • Extensions Manager – Remove or disable plugins and other items that are difficult to remove because they have no dedicated uninstallers.

So CleanMyMac 2 would be the software counterpart to Mac’s “missing manual.” It is a slick and well-organized package of everything you need to keep your Mac running fast and smooth.

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