The new Apple TV is lightyears ahead of its predecessor. Packed inside the unsuspecting black box that beautifully blends in to any entertainment center – and easily connects to your HDTV – are some seriously powerful functions.

The Siri remote is small and sleek. It has a glass Touch surface on the top half which allows you to scroll and click. With the latest tvOS 9.1 update you can also use an app on your iPhone as a remote, just like with the previous-generation models. Siri also has some new tricks up its sleeve that are specific to Apple TV. You can ask Siri about things like weather and sports, but Siri specializes in helping you find exactly what you want to watch. You can ask Siri to find shows featuring your favorite actor or about a specific subject or genre. And best of all, the search is now unified so it searches within every app you have installed. No more trying to remember whether the latest season of a show is on Hulu or Netflix or the iTunes Store.


The new Apple TV also runs more full-fledged apps, such as games. The Siri remote has a gyroscope and an accelerometer built-in, so playing games is fun and easy. Some new apps were released this month that are really great and offer a wide variety. Yummly is a favorite app and website for many, offering thousands of recipes. You can search by any number of criteria including ingredients, nutrition and even the time it takes to cook. HBO Now and Netflix are available on Apple TV, offering you all the great shows and movies you’ve grown to love. There are exercise apps like Zova. The App Store also has a wide variety of games including party games like Sketch Party TV and Sing! Karaoke, and there are single or double player games like Crossy Road and Mr Jump that utilize the gyroscope and accelerometer features of the remote. Another notable app is Airbnb, you can check out high-resolution pictures of rentals all over the world while you plan your next trip.


While there have been a couple of bugs in the software, Apple is always quick to fix them. You should always be sure to update you OS whenever available as new features and bug fixes are always included.