According to recent reports, Mac Computers has turned 30 years old. It’s amazing to think that the company is still really so young. In fact, Mac is only as old as the gang on, “Friends,” was, when everyone was copying Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle.

It’s amazing to think that a company that has changed the world with devices and advancements galore, (from iPads to iPhones), is not even middle-aged.

Though these days, most people think of the brand name, “Apple,” before they think of the brand name, “Mac;” many people do remember how Mac computers changed the home desktop computing world with their unique Graphical User Interfaces, unsurpassed technology and attention-getting marketing campaigns.

Nowadays, your Mac computer places many demands on its memory stores. Unlike 30 years ago, you can now enjoy rich content in the way of videos, gaming and streaming movies. Some people don’t even have traditional TVs anymore and use their computer for a lot of their entertainment viewing.

Updating your Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Book Pro or Mac Mini is a very simple process though. So if things are going a little slower than you’d like with your computer, then chances are, now is a good time for Mac service or computer upgrades. In addition, more people enjoy learning things on websites like YouTube and Vimeo than they did just five years ago. You need enough memory to view videos like these without annoying starts and stops.

Display problems, slow loads and any kind of stops or freezes are all indicators that you might need more memory. Contact us to keep your Mac Computer working well for many more years to come.