MacSolutions Proactive Client

Proactive Client is FREE when you buy any Mac or have your Mac serviced at MacSolutions Plus (a $299 value).

Wouldn’t it be great if your Mac could let us know if your hard drive was about to crash, if you were running out of memory, or if there’s a problem with your latest backup?

Now it can with MacSolutions Proactive Client! It’s our job to worry… so you don’t have to. This software is:

  • Fast – in many cases, it sends a report before you even realize something is going wrong
  • Easy to use – the system operates 24/7/365, and errors are sent to our trained Apple Certified technicians
  • Secure – we do NOT have access to your personal information, such as files stored on your hard drive
  • Free for customers – buy your new Mac or have your Mac serviced here and you’ll get Proactive Client for free – a $299 value! (If you’ve purchased a Mac or had your Mac serviced here in the past, fill out the form below, or bring your Mac into our store and we’ll be happy to install it for you.)

Proactive Monitoring

With MacSolutions Proactive Client, we’ll check for:

  • Hard Drive Space
  • Hard Drive Errors
  • RAM issues
  • Time Machine failures
  • Missing Hardware
  • Failing Batteries
  • RAID issues
  • and a whole lot more

To date, the software runs more than 75 checks on your Mac. So find out before it’s too late that your hard drive is failing, you need more RAM and you haven’t backed up to Time Machine in awhile.


  •  FREE when you buy a new Mac or have your Mac serviced at MacSolutions Plus

Security overview

  • No Inbound Access needed
  • The Monitoring Client accepts no incoming network traffic. No port forwarding or additional configuration is required.
  • Since the Monitoring Client submits hourly reports via an https post, it is compatible with most firewalls and proxies.

Proxy Servers

The Monitoring Client is compatible with the majority of proxy-servers. However, there is no configuration available for authenticated proxies which do not support the system keychain.

Outbound Traffic Rules

If an organization chooses to create a manual pinhole, the settings are:

The Monitoring Client will reach out to which currently resolves to and

By default, the report is submitted to port 443 of the Watchman Monitoring server. HTTP based reporting is available in the PreferencePane of the Monitoring Client.

Privacy & other fine print

  • MacSolutions Proactive client does NOT have access to personal information such as files stored on your computer’s hard drive(s).
  • MacSolutions Proactive client operates 24/7/365 – alerts will be sent to MacSolutions Plus staff 24/7/365 but will only be acted upon during normal business hours.
  • MacSolutions Proactive client offers no guarantees as to anticipation of or limiting liability of computer downtime. MacSolutions Proactive client should be considered an extra tool in the IT toolbox to assist the client and MacSolutions Plus at providing improved, proactive service and response.