There is no doubt that the Mavericks operating system is seriously refined, especially in the areas of power and memory management. That being said, Apple has added a new feature to Safari for the Mac that allows the popular Internet surfing application to reduce processor power usage by up to 35%. The ultimate outcome is longer battery life for those of you on a MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro.

Safari Power Save

As you would have already found out, in order to play some Flash content all you need to do is single click over a static thumbnail image. At the top if the static image you will be presented with “Safari Power Saver – Click to Start Flash Plug-in”, similar to the one shown above. It is important to note that not all Flash content will be presented in Safari Power Saver mode. Safari is smart enough to decipher the difference between the content you want to view and extraneous content that may be presented in the side panels of websites. Any content that is in the main body of a website will be played without delay.

Whilst playing Flash content, that has been placed in Safari Power Save mode, is incredibly easy, that additional click may bother some of you and break into your productivity. Thankfully, Apple has given users the ability to turn this feature off. With Safari open, proceed to File > Preferences. Then proceed to the Advanced tab. You can also press Command + , to reach the Preferences area.

Safari preferences

Midway down the Advanced tab panel, you will come across Internet plug-ins. By default, “Stop plug-ins to save power” will be activated. To de-activate, simply deselect and close the Safari Preference window. Upon doing so, all plug-in content will play when a website is visited, without delay.

Power save sites

You may also notice another option in the Internet plug-in area. When you click on Details you will be presented with a series of sites that have their content set to automatically play when you access their content. You can simply select any of these sites and remove them from this excluded list, thereby preventing plug-in content from being played automatically on those sites. Unfortunately, there is no option to add sites to this exclusion list.

For more information about the power saving features that can be found in Mavericks, please visit us at the store and our knowledgable staff would be more than happy to assist you with your specific requirements.