sensecover-for-iphone-6-sensecover-for-iphone-6-black-3569We pride ourselves at MacSolutions Plus on recommending products we actually use. Occasionally we have a great vendor partner that not only makes great products but also allows us to sample their product. Moshi is a partner that makes absolutely awesome products and you’ll see them all through out our store. I asked for a sample of one of their products to try out, the SenseCover, well actually I was debating on a case when Katie threw this one at me and said ‘You’ll love it.’

I originally started with a protective case on my iPhone 6 Plus that also came with a belt clip. The iPhone is huge so how could I possibly carry this with a belt clip? Well months passed, the belt clip disappeared and I didn’t miss it. While asking for Moshi about the SenseCover I also asked if the iVisor Glass would work with the case. Mike from Moshi said try it for yourself and sent out both. Let me tell you this combination of the two make this truly feel like a classy ‘executive’ iPhone protected by both the case and the glass. I’m not usually moved by cases but this one really looks impressive on the iPhone. The ability to answer the iPhone while keeping the cover closed and seeing the time through the ‘window’ is awesome.

The glass application was seamless and bubble free. I absolutely hate putting on these screen protectors as I usually make my wife, Shawna aka Miss Patience do it. The iVisor isn’t your average screen protector. It’s glass and everything you need is in the package. I’ve included the application video at the end of the post so you can see the strength of this glass. So in the end thanks for Moshi for making great products and being an awesome vendor partner. Everyone here absolutely loves their Moshi products and just for reading this post I’ll give you 25% off any Moshi product in store just mention this post. Keep your products protected. AppleCare+ and Moshi are a far better combination than a Glass repair!