Your iMac’s OS X (version 10.7) and later comes loaded with a an applications management utility, the Launchpad. Look for it on your Dock. It’s that black rocket icon on a round, gray background. (You’ll also find it in your Applications folder).

As its name implies, you can use the Launchpad screen to launch any Mac application. If your Dock as become cluttered with application icons which you don’t use frequently, the Launchpad is the second fastest way to access and open them when you do need to find them.

The Spotlight Search utility comes in a distant third when it comes to accessing and organizing your Mac applications. Here’s why:

Using the Launchpad search box at the top of the window restricts your search to installed applications. The Spotlight Search looks for everything, including files, e-mails, related websites, etc. The results of a Spotlight search will also include the application, but Launchpad is more focused. It is also faster than opening the Finder/Applications directory.

With Launchpad you can organize your application icons by listing them in any order you wish. Just hold down the mouse click and drag the application icon to the desired position on the screen. Note that you cannot delete an application icon from the Launchpad screen. You must go to your Applications folder using Finder and remove it from your Mac first.

Launchpad also permits grouping icons within a separate window. For example, you could group all your browser application icons together simply by dragging one on top of another, whereupon a new sub-window will appear. You move groups around just like individual icons. When you click on a group, an individual screen opens.

Move an icon out of a group by dragging it from the group to an area outside of it. However, you cannot nest a group within another group. Add an icon to a group by dragging the icon to the active group. (If the group window jumps away, try dragging the application icon towards the bottom position of the small group window.)

Finally, grouping is a handy way to organize and isolate those specialized applications you have downloaded, but rarely use. Grouping is also a convenient way to restrict your Launchpad to just one screen.


So give Launchpad a try.Contact us and let our Apple Premier Partners help keep your iMac in shape.