If you didn’t see the demonstration during Apple’s keynote speech on September 9, let’s just say this: The new Apple TV is going to rock your world!  So let’s uncover what makes this new Apple TV amazing!

1. Siri Remote – This is, by far, the most amazing remote ever created! It has a touch-screen like an iPhone which allows swiping and tapping. It’s also a game controller as well, since the new Apple TV is all apps-based.

The fact that Siri is now built into the remote makes it revolutionary. You can tell Siri what kind of movie or tv show you’re in the mood for, or ask Siri for movies from a certain timeframe, actor or actress, or genre. Just like on other Apple devices, Siri’s capabilities with this new application are groundbreaking and will help you find entertainment across many applications.

Beyond finding things, this new Siri remote will also enable you to go back and find out what you missed in a show or movie, as well as move forward or back within the entertainment you’re watching.  It’s pretty amazing.

2. Apps – Apple said during the keynote that apps are the future of TV. They’re probably right! You can access your Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, HBO NOW, WatchESPN, games, and more

3. Operating System tvOS – This is the operating system of the new Apple TV that allows interaction with the Siri remote and amazing functionality, such as searching across all of your platforms for movies, tv shows, and more. Developers are already working on more ways to change your TV using this new tvOS, and time will tell what they come up with!

If you’re ready for the new Apple TV, contact us and we’ll talk about getting you all set up!  The new Apple TV debuts in late October.