MacSolutions Plus Newsletter 10/24/2013

New from Apple!


Apple announced a ton of new hardware and software at their keynote speech yesterday. A few highlights:

  • Free upgrade to OS X Mavericks
  • Free iLife and iWork
  • Faster speeds (even when you think Macs are fast, they keep getting faster)
  • Real time collaboration across any device


Here are a few initial thoughts. Keep reading our blog andFacebook page to get more updates, stop by our store in Eastern Hills Mall, or call us at 716-823-3085!

OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks is the new operating system (software) for the Mac. It’s a FREE update for anyone running OS 10.6.8 (or newer) on supported hardware. We definitely recommend upgrading – there are 200 new features! – just make sure you back up your Mac first. Click to learn about backing up to an external hard drive.Click to read about backing up to an online service. Just note that older versions of iPhoto will NOT work with Mavericks. You will have to update your iPhoto app. Read more about Mavericks.

New MacBook Pro
The price of the 13-inch and 15-inch models both dropped by $200, which is great news. And these laptops just keep getting better. The Retina displays are amazing. The battery life keeps getting longer. And faster SSDs (solid state drives) let you switch between files and programs a lot faster. Plus you get free iWork and iLife when you buy a new Mac.

The new Mac Pro
Mac Pro is the workhorse – perfect if you’re doing high-end video or graphic work. Now you can get up to 12GB video memory, flash storage up to 1TB – and it uses 70% less energy than the previous Mac Pro.