With the release of OS X 10.10.3, Mac users get the usual bug fixes and other random acts of kindness added to their operating system that normally comes with an update. One of those previously mentioned random acts of kindness is the inclusion of the new Mac app called Photos. It’s quite clear that Apple intends for this app to be the eventual total replacement for iPhoto.

Photos is simply designed to do everything iPhoto does, but do it better. The iCloud Photo Library now syncs full-quality photos and videos between devices before you can even reach for your iPad. This means a photo taken with your iPhone, which is what most of us use to take pictures, is immediately synced to your iPad and your MacBook Air at the same time. A wonderful tool for those Apple Addicts among us who boast a full arsenal of their many different wonderful bundles of electronic goodness.

The editing tools between these devices also stays the same, and when you do make edits they automatically appear on your other devices as well. Photos doesn’t really do much that iOS users will notice, but it’s a nice way for Mac users to keep everything as consistent as possible between their many devices. Instead of dealing with a quirky little feature like My Photo Stream, Photos allows you to more seamlessly store your photos in the cloud. Of course one of the drawbacks many users may find with this ability is that they may need to upgrade their cloud storage from the freebie version of 5 GB. Welcome to the world of the cloud. Reserve as much space now while you still can for as little as $.99 per month. Something tells me it won’t be that cheap someday soon.

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