Apple’s most recent event certainly announced a lot of great new features from a lot of upgraded devices. The iPhone and AppleTV both had details released that have fans excited and anxiously awaiting their launch dates. Perhaps the most exciting of this lineup, however, was word of the iPad Pro and all its gadgety goodness coming just in time to make a huge impact this holiday season.

The first thing most people notice when a new iPad or iPhone is released is the screen, and the new iPad Pro does not disappoint in this regard. At 12.9 inches and with 5.6 million pixels the new iPad Pro brings retina display technology to a whole new level. This screen makes everything on your iPad better than before including movie watching, game playing, business presentation making, and even 4k video editing.

Besides a great new screen making for an even more immersive and beautifully productive experience, you’ll also see that iOS 9 and iPad Pro form a rather truly symbiotic relationship. They were actually designed to go hand in hand with improvements to Siri and Spotlight Search, as well as the ability to multitask, which allows for easily running two apps at the same time.

One other thing worth pointing out is the continuing evolution of the iPad to an eventual true computing experience similar to the MacBook. With the addition of the new Smart Keyboard, this evolution appears to have taken a big step forward. Accessory innovation for the new iPad Pro didn’t stop at the Smart Keyboard development either, whereas it finally ventured into the world of a true writing device with the new Apple Pencil. A designer’s dream, this device is both, tilt and gesture sensitive, allowing you to create razor thin lines and shading effects like never before.

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