A new Mac operating system is now available for your computer. Introducing, Yosemite OS X—the new and improved software to ensure your Mac runs smoothly, and includes an “iCloud Drive” that syncs content from the apps running on your other Apple devices.

The best part—Yosemite is free! It is available as a public beta program this summer, or to everyone in the fall. Here are some other great features:

  • AirDrop works between Mac and iPads. The Handoff feature lets users swap a project from one device to another one nearby.
  • The “spotlight” tool brings up a giant, Google-like search bar in the middle of the desktop.
  • Mail includes photo editing, commenting and captioning with the body of an email.
  • Users can cue their iPhones to make phone calls from their Mac desktop.
  • iCloud Drive is built into the Finder.
  • Yosemite allows up to two hours longer battery life when streaming videos.

Upgrade to Yosemite this summer or fall to check out the other amazing features of this operating system.

Yosemite replaces OS X Mavericks, or older operating systems on your Mac. Click the apple in the top left corner of your Mac, then click “About this Mac” to see what version you’re running. When you are ready to upgrade, make sure you back up your computer first. Click to learn about backing up to an external hard drive or click to read about backing up to an online service.

Enjoy this new and improved operating system that allows for more continuity between your Mac and iOS devices.

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