MacSolutions Plus Newsletter 9/18/2013

AppleCare+ for iPhone 

Are you excited about the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C? (We are – read our review here).

Did you know that Apple changed their AppleCare+ coverage to include accidental damage?

We don’t sell the iPhone (it’s the only Apple product we don’t sell) – but you can buy AppleCare+ for your iPhone at MacSolutions Plus.


Buy AppleCare+ for your new iPhone at MacSolutions Plus – even if you bought your iPhone somewhere else. 

At MacSolutions Plus, we offer AppleCare+ for iPhone. This is a great service plan that covers the phone and the battery – including accidental damage like cracked screens and liquid spills!

Just bring your new iPhone into our store in Eastern Hills Mall (near JC Penney) within 30 days of original purchase date. We’ll inspect your phone and tell you about AppleCare+, which covers two years from the purchase date, and costs $99. Accidental damage incidents are subject to a $79 service fee, but that’s still a lot cheaper than paying full price to replace your new iPhone. Please see our AppleCare page for more information, or contact us today.

Protect your iPhone with a case!

Accidents happen. That’s why we sell some of the best cases in the world to protect your iPhone from drops, spills, dirt, dust, rain and more. (We’ll have iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C cases as soon as they’re available!)

We carry the JucePeel Glass Shield, Otterbox cases, Lifeproof cases, and many more – in tons of styles and colors. Stop by our store in Eastern Hills Mall near JC Penney and find one that’s right for you.