Shopping locally takes the frustration out of big purchases, and shopping for a Mac is no exception.

When you are shopping for a new Mac, don’t shop the big box stores where you’re likely to end up talking to a teenager who knows less than you do about the specifications of the products you are comparing. You want to trust the people who are helping you make these big purchasing decisions.  When you shop at Mac Solutions Plus, every person who helps you will know all about Macs and be able to give you solid advice as you consider your options.

When you are shopping for a used Mac, don’t scroll through craigslist ads, where its possible you’ll end up purchasing a stolen laptop or buying a Mac that has problems you weren’t aware of until it’s too late.  At Mac Solutions Plus we are repair experts, and we don’t sell anything we haven’t carefully inspected.

We are an authorized apple store, so we are certified to do all of your repairs, upgrades, and answer any of the service questions you might have, but we are locally owned and family run. We’re a part of your community and we are so proud to be Buffalo’s local mac store.

When you’re ready to trade in your old mac for a new one, or just see the latest and greatest mac and apple products, we would love for you to visit us.  We are apple authorized experts who want to make your shopping experience simple; please contact us to find out how easy shopping for a new mac should be.