By default, Apple has teamed up with Google to be the default search engine provider for iOS. Although, you can easily change this. Navigate to Settings > Safari > Search Engine. You will notice that you have the additional options of Yahoo and Bing!

iOS search

Each Search Engine has its pros and cons, but by selecting another option, you are giving yourself the opportunity to use the Search Engine you are most familiar with. The end result is increased productivity.

After you have undertaken your search query, you will likely want to view various pages.  When you tap on a link, the associated page will simply load, thereby preventing you from seeing the search results. You can always tap and hold a link and then simply tap on Open in New Page. When you select this option, you will be immediately taken to the new page that has been created. The search results will remain in the memory of the browser, but you will need to select the previous tab in order to view them.

If you would like to open links in the background and then peruse them at your leisure, simply head back to the Safari Settings as outlined at the beginning of this article. Then select Open Links instead of Search Engine.

background links

By default this option is set to open links In New Page. Simply tap In Background, then head back to Safari and any link you tap and hold you will notice the option for Open in Background is now available. Selecting this option will allow the page to be loaded in the background whilst you continue traversing the list of search results.

If you would like more information on how to modify the way you can work in Safari for iOS or the Mac, simply drop into the store and discuss your specific needs with one of our knowledgable staff members.