$500,000 now vs. $25,000 later. Which deductible sounds better for your business?

If you’re settling with sub-par computers at work to save money for your small business, not only are you decreasing productivity dealing with faulty equipment, but you’re also missing out on taking advantage of tax code Section 179.

The tax code was enhanced this year with the Section 179 deductible being raised to $500,000, but next year it is going down to $25,000 so the time to buy is now. The experts at MacSolutions Plus are available to help you pick out the best computer and software to suit your business’s needs and can train you on how to use your new equipment to make the most out of your investment.

Section 179 is part of the IRS tax code and was created to give businesses an incentive to purchase new equipment and invest in the business. When you buy a new Mac by December 31, you may be eligible to deduct the full amount of computers and software purchased to help grow your business.

Business First quoted Garret from MacSolutions Plus in their article about Section 179 deductions this year. Click here to read the full article.

Talk to your finance department or accountant to find out how your business can benefit from buying a new Mac before December 31, then come shop at MacSolutions Plus!