Launch the new Maps app, on your Mac, and plot the directions from your exact location to ours. Just in case you have forgotten, we are located at 304 Main Street, Seal Beach, CA 90740.

Apple Map

Now that you have the directions plotted, you will likely want to add the directions to your iPhone. After all, your Mac will not fit on your dashboard, unless you’re a truck driver.

To do this, simply click the share button that is located in the Maps tool bar.

Maps to Phone

If your iCloud account is the same on your Mac, and your iOS device, you will immediately see any of your connected devices in the drop down menu. Please note: you will need to be running iOS 7, on your iOS device, in order for this functionality to work.

Maps on Home screen

Once selected, the directions will be sent immediately to your iOS device. A message will be presented on your lock screen and when selected the Maps app on your device will automatically launch and present the directions that you previously setup on your Mac.

Mavericks to seal beach

So what are you waiting for? We would love to see you at the store and assist you with any issues  you may have. We also have stock of the newly updated MacBook Pro lineup and can assist you with build-to-order options.