Not long ago, if you wanted to have a stellar sound set up in your home, you needed to have a professional install a complicated stereo system. Once everything was set up, it was a good idea to pay a sound engineer to come take a listen and make any adjustments to your home stereo system.

Now, anyone can set up sound system at home that is simple, wireless and sounds incredible, because Sonos is the new gold standard in home audio.

According to the abcNews story, “With Play: 1 and 2 Room Starter Set Sonos Just Got a Lot Better,”

“In an increasingly crowded field of competitors, Sonos has managed to earn that reputation by producing a sterling sound that is controlled by apps on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones without the messy wiring that usually adorns top flight music systems. The Sonos speakers can be used alone or several can be networked together to form a whole-house system.”

If you can plug a speaker into an outlet, then you have what it takes to set up and use Sonos in your home. You can use Sonos to play music from your iPad, iPhone, or even your Android phone. Plus, you don’t have to limit your listening to just the music you have on your devices, because Sonos works with over 26 different music services. So however you like to listen to music, whether it is through Rhapsody, Spotify, Pandora or any other listening service, you can access your music wirelessly.

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