All business owners strive to increase workplace productivity. Businesses invest in on-site fitness centers, free meals and game rooms to make their employees happy and more enthusiastic about work. These perks are undoubtedly nice, but did you know that simply standing at work increases energy, productivity and overall health?


The Ergotron WorkFit – now available at MacSolutions Plus in Eastern Hills Mall – is a height-adjustable workstation that you can use while standing or sitting.

Standing at work has been proven to improve an individual’s creative output and health. In addition to increasing energy and productivity, standing can burn extra calories, improve posture, tone muscles, and boost metabolism.

A growing trend in the workplace has been the switch from sitting at a desk to standing at a workstation. The Ergotron WorkFit has models designed for both desktop ($629) and laptop ($329) computers – perfect for your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac. Ergotron WorkFit simply clamps to the back edge of desks so they can be moved around the office easily.

Companies such as Facebook and Google have been replacing traditional desk setups with standing workstations as part of their wellness programs per employee request. An employee from Google said, “When you work sitting down, it will make you tired quickly, you’ll feel lazy, and fatigued, when I switched to a standing desk, I never felt tired at 3 pm, and have been able to fully concentrate all day.”

Invest in your business and the health of your employees by introducing the Ergotron WorkFit to the office. Come visit our store in the Eastern Hills Mall to try out the Ergotron WorkFit for yourself and let one of our specialists help position your business up for a healthier, more productive 2014.