In OS X Mavericks, Apple introduced App Nap technology that assists with reducing energy usage by up to 23%. This is a fantastic addition for anyone using a MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro.

Mavericks App Nap

In order for apps to go into nap mode, their open windows must be hidden from view and non-active. For instance, if iTunes is in the background playing music, the app will not become in-active. If you stop playing the music, Mavericks will automatically make iTunes nap to conserve power.

For a multitude of reasons, this may not appeal to you. For example, if you use automatic downloads in iTunes then the nap mode will likely impact on your user experience as automatic downloads will not commence until the app is used again.

For the most part, app napping will occur without you knowing about it. If it does cause problems, or should you want to ensure that apps in the background remain running, then select a Mac app from the Applications folder and proceed to File > Get info. You can also press Command + I to present the Get Info window, once an application is selected.

iTunes app nap

You will notice there is an option for Prevent App Nap. By default this option is deselected. Simply click the selection box, as shown above, to ensure that this app does not go into nap mode.

Please note, there is no way to activate, or deactivate, multiple applications at a time. Therefore, you will need to undertake this process for each individual app. Also, you may find some third party applications don’t support app napping and therefore this option will not be available in those circumstances.

For more information about the power management features of your Apple products, please drop into the store and discuss your specific requirements with our knowledgable staff.