Apple Remote

The AppleTV is an amazing device that will transform the way you experience your iTunes content and other services such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, and YouTube.

Whilst the AppleTV is simple to operate there are a couple of hidden features that you may have missed during the initial setup and daily usage.

The Select button has two functions. You will of course realize that clicking it once will take you to the next menu, or it will commence the playback of the selected content.

The functionality you may not be aware of is available by clicking and holding the Select button to present different options that are useable and varied depending on the content you are consuming.

For instance, when you are listening to music, you can hold down the Select Button and you will be presented with ability to change the Up Next playback order.

If you have multiple Bluetooth speakers, you will be able to select which speaker system you would like to use in order to playback the content. Please note this function doesn’t work with all media types.

If you are watching a movie at night, and don’t wish to wake the family, you can always turn on Closed Captions if that feature is supported by the film you’re watching.

You can even traverse through the different chapters in the movie in order to go to your most loved scene.

The Select button on the Apple remote, when held down, offers significant additional controls. The above list are just a few to get you started. Give it a shot and see what additional options are presented when you playback your content.

If you would like more information about the Apple remote control, or the AppleTV, please drop into the store to discuss your specific requirements. We also stock the AppleTV and replacement remote controls.