The new redesigned MacBook Pro with retina display has everyone raving about its features. Apple continues to thrive, moving forward with newer models that capture both simplicity and innovation. As a consumer, it is easy to say that there is always a better model right around the corner. However, Apple has a little more change in mind than the typical updated laptop you see coming out each month. Here is some helpful information on why you should think about buying the new MacBook Pro.




Most newer laptops constantly take up about 10 watts of power to run on top of the line processors. With all that power, laptops need fans to keep from overheating. Overheating is one of the fastest ways of wear and tear on your laptop and should always be avoided. The new MacBook runs on an Intel Core M processor, designed so that the power needed to run smoothly is cut in half when comparing to competitors. The ability to stay powered at half the energy cost eliminates the need for fans but better yet, eliminating overheating as a serious threat.




Another new improvement with the new MacBook is its redefined keyboard. Though a keyboard’s function seems rather generic, Apple has incorporated a new mechanism to improve both time and accuracy when typing. The typical scissor mechanism in most keyboards prove to be troublesome, but the new butterfly mechanism prevents wobbliness and mistypes.



Lastly but certainly not least is Apple’s new innovative Taptic Engine underneath the MacBook’s trackpad that is designed for multi-touch simplicity. Taptic design generates far more feedback than a typical touch mechanism due to Apple increasing the sensitivity technology. The new touchpad will allow each desired click to be simple and easy.

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