From school papers to family photos, computers are responsible for storing some of the most important information and memories in our lives. Unfortunately, like overworked humans, computers sometimes crash and ultimately lose their minds. If something ever happened to your Mac, wouldn’t you love to know that your information was safe and secure, ready to be restored onto a new device? That’s what online backup software was made for- ensuring all of your files are never gone for good. 

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Backblaze, a new online backup system for Mac, automatically finds all your photos, music, documents, and other irreplaceable files and compresses and securely encrypts them. The beauty of an online backup is that if your Mac suffers from water damage, a dead hard drive, or even if it’s stolen, you can easily restore all of your files online without the use of an external device.

The Backblaze team includes some former Apple employees who know a thing or two about creating simple and efficient software for Mac. This new backup software allows users to download and install Backblaze and be backing up data in under a minute.

You may think you don’t have enough valuable information on your computer to need a backup service, but like the saying goes- “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” For just $5/month, there’s no reason to risk losing your files if your computer fails or gets stolen. Click here to sign up today!

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