So there were always bugs when technology companies released new products. Usually they were something along the lines of crashing upon installation or a redesigned user interface that didn’t work quite as well as previous versions. Now, however, it appears that today’s bugs are actually causing physical pain… IF you believe the rumors. What’s next? I can just picture a few of the headlines five or six years from now:

“Family of five injured when father’s iPhone 8 spontaneously combusts!”

“Apple users claim new version of Siri actually punches them in the face if they argue with her!”

“Man blames iPhone 9 for making him cheat on his wife.”

Sure, these sound ridiculous enough, but just a few years ago could you imagine people claiming their iPhone was pulling their hair out? The original rumor of the new iPhones bending sounded strange enough, but it seemed possible anyway. Then, it was announced that this was happening from people putting the device in their back pocket and then sitting on it… “Hello, Bueller?!” Seriously, who puts a $300 piece of electronics in their back pocket and then sits on it? Next, we’re going to hear that the same users who claim the iPhone is pulling their beard hair are actually duck taping the device to their cheeks so they don’t have to waste time by taking it out of their pockets.

Until these rumors can be firmly put to rest, it may be advisable to keep the iPhone in your front pocket, and go sans ZZ Top for awhile. Or, you could always live on the wild side, and risk missing a few facial hairs and a slightly less than perfectly symmetrical smartphone.

We’re not anticipating any repair scenarios yet from bent iPhones or devices clogged with too much beard hair. Maybe a dose of Liquid Plumber would help with the latter? That would cause a whole new set of repair rumors. If, for some reason, you do have an issue with an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, MacSolutions Plus can repair it for you with same day service. We can fix anything from non-functioning cameras and batteries to faulty speakers and more. We’ll even take a look at it if it has a ball of hair painfully stuck to it. Please contact us today for more information.