Likely to make its first appearance at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference sometime in June of this year, the newest version of the awesomely diminutive, yet power-packed MacBook Air is rumored to be boasting a brand new Retina display and Thunderbolt 2 support among other features. Another key trait of the coming device is that Apple is considering the consolidation of its current 11-inch and 13-inch screen sizes into one perfectly proportioned 12-inch model.

The Retina Display will feature a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 to compete and surpass the specifications of its competitors in the form of Ultrabooks. Meanwhile, the Thunderbolt 2 feature is expected to enable transfer speeds of up to 20 Gbps.

Based on the fact that Apple secured a patent back in January to feature a display on both sides of a notebook’s lid, conjecture is swirling on the new Air featuring a second screen on it’s reverse side to allow for solar charging, which would give even greater strength to its already impressive battery life. Surely, there are other things in the works for Apple to make full utilization of this reverse-side screen. But the possibilities of those functions remain to be seen. Hopefully, the developer’s conference in June may shed some light.

The last noteworthy feature may be the potential for a buttonless track pad. Based on another recently acquired patent, Apple seems to be hoping to incorporate sensors in the new trackpad that will react to varying levels of touch, rather than using actual buttons to click. Surely, this technology will need to be good in order to avoid any user frustration from misreading sensors causing unwarranted user error. But, if we’ve learned anything from the trend-setting company in the past, it’s that they don’t usually incorporate any kind of new technology without knowing that it is 110 percent highly usable.

So when will this new level of computing goodness be available to the Apple fanatics and other computer consumers among us? Considering the iPhone 6 is set to debut sometime this fall, it is likely that the new MacBook Air will break new technological ground around the same time.

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