If you have to tote Windows 8.1 on your MacBook Air, that doesn’t make you disloyal. You are in the best-of-both-worlds realm, and you know that there simply are some things you need Windows to run for you. You may have noticed, however, that the Windows 8.1 operating platform is somewhat of a contrast to Mac OS X.

The contrast is that Windows 8.1 is an attempt to spread an operating system into a vast number of shimmering and busy tiles. Mac OS X , however, has stayed the course. Mac OS upgrades have always been improvements without confusion and additions without bloat.

However, with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has taken a page out of Mac’s book and come up with a tighter, faster and attractive upgrade. Then there is this (probably unintended) bonus: Windows 10 works remarkably efficiently on a MacBook with Retina Display. Joanna Stern writes in The Wall Street Journal:

Ironically, I found my MacBook Air to be the best Windows 10 laptop. It may not have a touchscreen, but it was snappier, and beat the Dell and Surface for normal scrolling and navigating…Windows 10 is in desperate need of a worthy PC laptop.

Whether you load Windows 10 through virtual software like Parallels Desktop or go the BootCamp, dual-boot route, you’ll find version 10 superior to previous Windows versions in terms of speed and navigation. Has it overtaken Mac OS X? Not quite. Besides, the next Mac OS X upgrade, El Capitán, is on the horizon. Rumor has it that El Capitán will have plenty of new features and capabilities that the Microsoft people will have to work extra hard to copy.

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