MacSolutions Plus Newsletter 4/10/2013


The stunning new all-in-one iMac

The iMac has always set the standard for a great desktop computer. And the newest iMac raises the bar even higher. Here’s what you get:

  • Third-generation quad-core Intel Core processors
  • 8GB memory standard
  • A 1TB hard drive (that’s huge!)
  • A super-thin machine – just 5 mm at the edge

Choose from a 21.5″ or 27″, starting at just $1,299. Read more about the iMac on our website.


Unpacked and running in about 5 minutes

Like any Mac, you can take the new iMac out of the box and get it set up and online in about 5 minutes. Click here to watch our unboxing video, and we’ll prove it.  


Free tune-up when you buy AppleCare

Buy a new iMac with AppleCare, and you’ll get a free tune-up (worth $39). We’ll clean your Mac, update software, and make sure it’s running smoothly. Read our blog post for details.