…And in this corner, weighing in at barely two pounds with a width of just 13.1 mm and a sparkling, bursting with radiance and vividly colorful 12-inch retina display, is the brand new “Mac Daddy” of laptops, it’s the new Macbook!

So, it’s not exactly the fight of the century. But, then again neither was Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Nonetheless, the much anticipated Apple Macbook has been released to mostly positive reviews. The first thing you will notice is in the name. It is neither an “Air” nor is it a “Pro.” It is simply “MacBook.” Although, it is lighter and thinner than an actual Air, so draw appropriate conclusions for your own perspective on the name.

The next thing you will notice is its availability in different colors. The new laptop is available in traditional silver, space gray, and gold. The gold may seem slightly audacious to some, but I have to admit this is one sharp looking piece of electronics in that color choice.

The processor is packed and powered by Intel’s new Core M technology, which has been customized for the thinnest and lightest laptops and tablets of today’s user environment. Also unique to this device is the inclusion of a single USB-C port for all your connections and a revolutionary “no-click” Force Touch Trackpad. The single USB-C port is seen as a limitation by some, but really it is consistent with Apple’s minimalist design strategy, which has served them so incredibly well in the past. For most Mac users, less clutter and less adapters means more concentrated focus and a higher level of superior usability.

Never satisfied to just accept industry wide standards and all the deficiencies we’ve accepted that may accompany them, Apple has also attempted to redesign the keyboard with this new laptop. The keys are much more shallow and bigger, while extending almost from one edge of the surface to the other. This does take some getting use to, whereas the shallowness of the keys eliminates some vital feedback that we’ve all got used to when we type, which lets us know we’re actually hitting the keys. After just an hour or so of usage, however, you’ll notice yourself becoming more and more familiar with this redesigned interface and much like with most of Apple’s advances you quickly get to like it even more than the old design.

Apple sees the new MacBook as the future of laptops. It feels and looks completely redesigned, and most industry experts foreshadow that competitors are already planning to follow its trend of a full computing experience combined with ultimate portability. Starting at just around $1,299, this is one attractive, usable, and exciting new laptop!

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