As tablets become increasingly more popular, many people are leveraging them not only for computing, but as productivity tools as well. Using your iPad, iPad Mini, or even your iPhone as a second computer monitor brings valuable screen real estate to your computing experience and streamlines workflow. Imagine a task requiring multiple browser windows or pieces of software running concurrently. Rather than constant toggling or minimizing, you can leverage the versatility of your iDevice to increase productivity. Here’s how:


Pairing your iDevice and your laptop/computer wirelessly is the ideal solution, however there is one major obstacle to overcome. For this to be successful, both devices must be on the same wireless network. If you wish to set up a second monitor on your home network, then this will probably not be an issue. If, however, you are interested in setting up a iDevice as a second monitor in your workplace, this may be a challenge. Many companies run wired and wireless networks that are independent to each other. This means that your hardwired desktop computer will not be able to “talk” with your iDevice that is connecting via a wifi signal.

If you are interested in creating a wireless second monitor, we recommend the following apps:

These apps are cross platform compatible; they will work well on a Mac or PC.


If you are unable to connect both your iDevice and your laptop/computer to the same wireless network, you will still be able to use your device as a second monitor, but it will require a few more steps. To do so, you will need to keep your iPad connected via usb port to your laptop. In addition, your laptop will require helper software provided by the app to help communicate between the two devices. This will need to be started for each session when you wish to pair the iDevice. This is not difficult to do, but can become burdensome, especially if you use the iDevice throughout the day or other tasks.

If you are interested in creating a wireless second monitor, we recommend the following apps:

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