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Make your Mac® faster and more powerful when you add more RAM or a bigger hard drive. We offer in-store and on-site service for upgrades – just bring your Mac into our store, or contact us to schedule an on-site appointment.  

Speed up your Mac with more RAM

RAM is the chip (or chips) in your computer that help everything run faster – and adding more RAM is more affordable than you think. Plus, our Apple-certified experts can usually install your new RAM while you wait.

The benefits of more RAM include:

  • Switching between programs faster
  • Programs opening and running faster
  • Faster web surfing
  • Completing tasks (in Photoshop and other complex programs) faster
  • Ability to run the newest OS (operating system), which often requires more RAM

If you typically have a lot of programs open at a time, or you’re working with large files, you will see the most benefit from adding more RAM. In our experience, RAM can also really help breathe new life into an older Mac.

Get more space – and a faster Mac – with a hard drive upgrade

If you have a lot of photos, videos and songs – or any other large files – you may not have much space left on your hard drive. The more you fill it up, the less space you have for new stuff. Plus, the more it’s filled, the harder it is for your computer to find a file when you need it.

A new hard drive can also help your Mac run faster. We’ve found that a Mac starts to get slower the closer it is to the limit. Our rule of thumb is to always have at least 20% of your drive free – so if you have a 100-gigabyte drive and it’s 80 gigs full, it’s time to think about a new drive. (Click once on your hard drive, then do “Command I” to see your hard drive’s capacity, how much space is available, and how much you’ve used.)


Upgrade your Mac

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