Ever been in bed, watching a film or television series, only to hear your significant other complain that you are keeping them awake with the sound from your iOS device.

Closed Captioning allows you to significantly reduce the volume, or turn it off completely, whilst still enjoying the content you are watching. It is also a perfect solution for those of you that suffer with hearing difficulties.

Firstly, you will need to make sure the video you are watching is Closed Captioned compatible. Not all films and television series are.

When browsing for content within the iTunes Store, on your device, you will find the compatibility information within the rating area of a title. I have highlighted, in red, the Closed Captioned [CC] logo that shows support for the feature.

closed captioning

You can also easily enter “closed caption” as a search term in the store. The content that is compatible with this functionality will be presented.

There is one additional step that you will need to undertake prior to playing back closed captioned content.

Navigate to Settings > Videos and turn Closed Captioning to the On position. By default, this functionality is disabled. When it is active, the captioning will be presented at the bottom of the screen over the film that is playing.

captioning settings

If you no longer require the usage of Closed Captioning, simply return to the Settings area as detailed above and turn off the functionality.

For more information relating to consuming content on your iOS device, please drop into the store to discuss your specific needs.