Apple iPads have so many uses that they are almost beyond count. One of them is configuring an iPad as a digital sign. A post in the Onspot Social blog details some of the advantages.

The traditional ways to display a temporary sign at a business includes everything from using a white board to a piece of paper with tape. This tends to make changing the sign somewhat onerous, not to mention being a waste of paper, ink, and magic markers. Using an IPad, on the other hand, provides a certain degree of flexibility unknown before.

For instance, say you have a message that changes periodically, like daily events or the daily specials at a restaurant. A few keystrokes can change the message almost instantly.

An IPad digital sign gives a certain professional look that otherwise might be exist. You can play with colors and fonts to let the message stand out and look appealing.

The IPad also does not require a lot of good light to be readable. It has its own light, so it can be read under a variety of conditions. Customers are more likely to read the IPad digital sign since it is easier to do so than an ordinary sign.

The IPad digital sign saves trees and hence money. To sure it is a big upfront cost, but will pay for itself over time due to less cost for paper and writing materials.

Finally the device has multiple uses across multiple industries. Its use as a digital sign is limited only by the imagination.

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